Zuum Transportation – Case Study

Zuum connects shippers, brokers, carriers and drivers on one logistics super platform. Zuum delivers shipments reliably at a lower cost for shippers and at a higher profit for carriers through efficient technology.

The Challenge

Zuum was growing at a rapid rate and they were having difficulty hiring qualified staffing quickly enough to keep up with that growth. Their HR department discovered Valoroo and they decided to give them a try.

  • Fast growth led to the need to grow staff quickly
  • HR was having difficulty finding qualified staffing
  • Local teams were stretched thin

The Solution

“Valoroo did such an amazing job finding staff quickly and always made sure the team was ready to go with industry experience. Our initial plan was to hire three outsourced reps. However, that number quickly grew after we had such success with the Valoroo reps.” – Jason Sensat (Senior Client Solutions Manager at Zuum)

A Message from Zuum Transportation

“Valoroo is a company that really cares about its people. That’s a big reason we continue to grow with them. We’ve used other companies and don’t feel that they take care of their employees the way that Valoroo does. It feels good doing business with a company that cares.” – Jason Sensat (Senior Client Solutions manager at Zuum)

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