Manifest 2023 Recap

Manifest 2023 was an exciting event hosted in Las Vegas, NV that brought together many thought leaders and colleagues from all across the Logistics industry. We had a great time hosting the arcade and it proved to be a unique, fun, and nostalgic experience for those who stopped by our booth. Our very own Danny Ortiz was the foosball champion for our internal competition. Congrats Danny!


Our founder, Nick Schrock spoke on a thought-provoking panel alongside Grant Goodale of Convoy, Eric Johnson of JOC.com, Dawn Salvucci-Favier of Greenscreens.ai, and Harpinder Singh of Innovation Endeavors, where they discussed logistics networks and how to drive maximum value.


On the final night, Nelly performed, which was another nostalgic experience for us all. It was definitely an event to be remembered and we look forward to Manifest 2024! Till next time! 



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