Freight Waves

On June 21-22, Valoroo attended the Freight Waves Future of Supply Chain conference in Cleveland, Ohio. The event brought companies across the logistics industry together to discuss how to digitally transform the management of their supply chains. Leaders in transportation, logistics and supply chain industries came together to share insights and showcase new technology.

Our founder and CEO, Nick Schrock participated in one of the rapid-fire demos, where he discussed leveraging outsourcing to increase productivity. He also touched on the importance of utilizing high quality talent, which Valoroo has mastered. Our reps have an average experience rate of 8-10 years. Moreover, they also have logistics experience so there is no need to go over all of the terminology which can be tedious and time-consuming to train. He also discussed the value of creating an SOP site that covers everything that a rep would need to reference throughout their shift. This helps to keep the offshore staff organized and gives them reference guides that they may need quickly and efficiently. Watch the whole video here.

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