Quality Outsourcing Solutions for 3PLs and Asset-Based Companies

Step 1: Identify the roles that you need help filling. 

Start running through your company’s operations from A to Z. Identify repetitive tasks that slow your company’s focus.  Popular examples of these roles include Track & Trace, Carrier Sales, Dispatch and Load Planning, Accounting and Customer Service. 

Step 2: Reach out to Valoroo. 

Simply fill out the form to the right. Valoroo will provide the plan to fill in these missing components. Valoroo specializes in fulfilling the needs of 3PLs and asset-based carriers. Your new extended team is carefully selected and trained to integrate seamlessly with your unique business operations. 

Step 3: Begin the simple onboarding process and receive a 2-for-1 representative for the first 60 days.

First, We assign a dedicated Onboarding Manager, providing structure for successful implementation. Second, We create step-by-step work instructions for all tasks assigned to the roll, so you don’t have to. Third, We create a playbook for your operations – a searchable digital database for all standard operating procedures. And lastly, We provide live video training recordings stamped with important information for quick playbook retrieval.

Step 4: Watch how your operations run.

After processing step 3, you will see the change—how efficiently your company runs with an offshore team that focuses on repetitive tasks while your local teams concentrate on your company’s growth.  

Step 5: Breathe in and out!

Your talent problem is finally solved. You can now sit back and relax because you partnered with Valoroo; your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Our Services

We provide assistance with some of the most tedious aspects of logistics. Our reps are highly educated and have an average of 5-10 years of experience. Once you sign up with Valoroo, you’ll quickly discover why our client satisfaction rating is so high! 

Track & Trace

Our track & trace representatives monitor all shipments and provide up to date tracking from pickup to delivery

Carrier Sales

Our carrier sales representatives negotiate and secure carriers to move available freight in a timely and cost-effective manner. They also develop, maintain and manage carrier relationships and execute hundreds of loads per day to keep carriers rolling and customers satisfied.

Dispatch & Load Planning

Our dispatch and load planning representatives communicate with motor carriers to schedule trucks, resolve issues and deliver relevant freight updates to the customer and/or internal carrier & operations teams.

3rd Shift & Weekend Support

Whether it’s day, night or weekend, we track every shipment and properly escalate every load according to your specialization and SOP.

Customer Service & Claims Support

We provide customer service support for your business, opening the lines of communication and increasing client satisfaction.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We verify all freight charges, confirm receipt of Bill of Lading, and resolve all payable-related discrepancies prior to final payment to the motor carrier. We also monitor Bill of Lading discrepancies to ensure that the proper return of commodities are arranged.

Client Satisfaction Rating on a scale of 1-5

Valoroo's Culture Rating on a scale of 1-10

Our reps have an average of 8 years experience

Answers to Your Questions

Where are you Headquartered? 

Our headquarters are located in San Diego, CA. 

Why the Philippines? 

We teamed up with the Philippines due to the high level of English proficiency along with the neutral accents, which makes doing business together even smoother. 

Does your team in the Philippines like working for Valoroo?

We are a ‘people-first’ company. It’s important to us that our partnerships are beneficial to all parties. That’s why we regularly conduct anonymous surveys of our employees and the results are very positive. (insert stats here) 

How do I know if outsourcing is right for my business? 

We work with potential clients to decide if working with Valoroo is a fit. We specialize in filling certain roles and are committed to making sure that we can meet and exceed your expectations when you sign on with us. If we don’t see a fit, we will let you know. 

Are there any hidden fees? 

We aren’t a fan of hidden fees and we know you aren’t either. That’s exactly how our pricing structure is designed. We offer competitive month-to-month pricing with no long term commitment. We are able to offer this because of our confidence in our service and our confidence in your complete satisfaction. 


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