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On May 7, 2023, ‘Valoroo Cares’ collaborated with JCI Mandaue to organize a community service initiative with participants of 240 in total. This project took place in Barangay Guizo, Mandaue, coinciding with Mandaue City’s Annual Fiesta, making it a blessed day for the community. We worked alongside JCI Mandaue’s flagship project, Mandaue Cares.

The focus of the project was to provide medical and dental services, specifically targeting children aged 2 to 5 years old. Free medical and dental check-ups were offered to these young indigent beneficiaries, along with fluoride application and the necessary prescription medicines as advised by the attending doctors. This initiative aimed to address the healthcare needs of the children in the community and contribute to their overall well-being.

To create a holistic and engaging experience, various additional activities were arranged. Free food was provided to ensure that the children received proper nourishment during the event. Additionally, entertainment was provided in the form of Avengers Cosplayers, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for the children. Recreational activities were also organized to keep the children occupied and entertained while their parents attended a separate hall for a seminar on malnutrition conducted by JCI Mandaue. This seminar aimed to educate parents about the importance of proper nutrition for their children’s growth and development.

The Valoroo Cares project had a profound impact not only on the beneficiaries but also on the employees of Valoroo who participated in the event. Witnessing the positive change and the difference they were making in the lives of the community members left a lasting impression on the participants, fostering a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the project and contribute to public health data, the results and diagnoses of the children were meticulously recorded. The collected data was subsequently submitted to the Department of Health in the Philippines. This step aimed to facilitate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the community’s health status and enable the development of future initiatives to address their specific needs effectively.

The collaboration between Valoroo and JCI Mandaue in the Valoroo Cares project exemplified the power of community engagement and corporate social responsibility. By providing free medical and dental services, nutrition education, and recreational activities, the project made a positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries and fostered a sense of unity and care within the community.

We would like to thank all who were involved in this project and we look forward to the next opportunity to give back to the community.

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