Why the Philippines?

The Philippine government actively supports the outsourcing industry, offering incentives, streamlined business processes, and establishing special economic zones to attract foreign investment. Additionally, the country boasts a well-established outsourcing infrastructure, including modern office spaces, reliable telecommunications, and internet connectivity, ensuring smooth operations for outsourcing companies. Moreover, the following are a few highlights on “Why the Philippines?”

1. Cost Efficiency & Opportunity

Your business receives the support it needs at a lower cost while the Filipino representatives improve their quality of life with new opportunities at a fast-growing company. It’s a win-win for both parties. 

2. English Proficiency

Filipinos have neutral accents and a high level of English proficiency. The Philippines has two National Languages, both English and Filipino. Their education system provides English subjects from Grade School, Secondary Level, and the first two years of college. 

3. Excellent Work-Ethic

Filipinos have an excellent work ethic, values, integrity and a service-oriented mindset. As Filipinos are trained at every level during their studies on how to work with teams effectively, this creates a great sense of camaraderie. 

4. Experience Level

We are very picky about who we choose to work with. We average 3.5 years of logistics and 9.6 years of working experience 74% have college degrees. The Philippines has been a significant player in the global outsourcing industry for many years, particularly in call centres, virtual assistance, and other BPO services. This has led to the developing of a skilled and experienced workforce in these areas.

5. Cultural Compatibility

Western culture is prevalent in everyday life, allowing for more accessible communication. Filipinos have a long history of exposure to Western culture due to centuries of Spanish and American colonization and extensive trade and cultural exchange with Western nations. This exposure has contributed to the ease with which many Filipinos adapt to Western culture. 

All these factors make the Philippines a compelling choice for logistics companies who are looking to maximize efficiency and profitability.

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